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The Goot Essa first soft and sheep milk cheeses offers gourmet-quality farmstead cheeses. All their cheese arehand-crafted Amish style with methods used by their German-Swiss ancestors and are cave aged.



- Old German Weissa Kase 4oz/8 - Felsa Yehr  6oz/14
Creamy buttery with lovely mild flavors with
a touch of tang and nice lasting finish.
Pairs with Riesling, Rose, Sauvignon Blanc & '5'

- Der Edel Blue Kase  wedge/13 -
Full flavored, velvety rich with a firm yet slightly
slightly crumbly texture.
Pairs with Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc & CR

- Mountain Valley Sharp Cheddar  4oz/8
A rich & creamy cheese with savory sweetness,
balanced by a rounded sharpness, true long lasting
cheddar bite that lingers in your mouth.
Pairs with Rose, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay &
Cabernet Franc

- Der Alpen Kase  4oz/9
A wonderful blend of sweet, salty, buttery with
nutty flavors.
Pairs with Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay & CR

- Felsa Yehr  6oz/14
A hard rind sheep milk cheese with buttery
flavors mixed with the nuttiness and
tartness of sheep cheese.
Pairs with Riesling & '5'

- Der Alpen Kase Smoked  4oz/9
This cheese is smokey and has underlying meaty
flavors like bacon and smoked BBQ.
Pairs with Chardonnay, Riesling, '5'
& Cabernet Franc

- Der Weichen Gehl  6oz wheel/14
For fans of soft cheese this is a French style
Camembert cheese that goes great with any
of our Off the Vine crackers.
Pairs great with all our wines!!!!

- Mountain Meadow Mild  4oz/8
This mild cheddar has nice tang that comes
from aging the cheese for 3 years or more.
Won the award for USA top farmstead cheddar.
Pairs with Rose, Chardonnay & CR

Mountain Wood-Smoked Cheddar  4oz/8
Mountain wood-smoked name says it all, it's a nice
smokey taste loaded with sharp creamy flavors.
Pairs with Rose, Chardonnay, '5' & CR



- Iavarone Brothers Sweet Sopressata 7oz/8
This Italian dried sweet Sopressata was created by
a handed family recipe that has been around
for generations.

- Ivarone Brothers Dried Sausage  6oz/7
Proud of their authentic and high quality recipes
that have been handed down through the
generations, this is the family's own dried


- Sweet & Spicy Mustard  4oz/8.50
This mustard fools you, it has nice tang flavors
that dance on your tongue but has this sweet finish
that makes you want more. Goes well with the Mountain
Valley Sharp Cheddar & all the smoked cheeses
including the Mountain Meadow Mild.

- Apple Butter  4oz/8.50
If you love apple butter this one is amazing.
Loaded with sweetness and flavored crab apple & red
delicious flavors that dance on your palate.
Pairs with Old German Weissa Kase, Der Weichen
Gehl & Der Alpen Kase.

- Rasberry - Red Beet Jelly  4oz/8.50
This jelly is amazing and goes with all the Cheddars
even the Fesla Yehr Sheep milk cheese and very
good with the Der Weichen Gehl.


- 8" Freschetta Cheese Pie  7.99
Both pies signature hand-tossed crust with garlic oil
brushed on every rolled edge made with zesty tomato
sauce with Mozzarella, Cheddar, Provolone & Parmesan

- 8" Pie Three Cheese with local mushrooms  10.99
The East End Mushroom Company is our new neighbor and
grows 50% of their mushrooms right here on Cox Lane!!!
Try one they're amazing! (Winemaker's favorite)



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